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    The Company boasts a market-leading innovation capability, a strong communication skill, and a full coverage on both A and H share capital markets. In 2010, the Company acted as the sponsor and lead underwriter of the Agricultural Bank of China for its A share IPO, as well as the financial advisor for its H share IPO. The successful IPO of the Agricultural Bank of China was the last campaign in the reform of state-owned large banks. As a classical case that gained satisfaction of different stakeholders, including the investors, issuer and the state-owned shareholders, the IPO ranked the first place in terms of the size of A+H share issue, the size of A share issue, the size of A share strategic placement and the size of H share cornerstone investment. The Company played a critical role in the deal. Due to the impact on its investment banking business by the China Asset Management, the Company was only qualified for acting in the role of financial advisor or co-lead underwriter in a number of deals, which had a significant impact on its market share and client acquisition. Nevertheless, the Company still participated in all the refinancing activities of all the listed banks over the year.

    The Company managed to have a full coverage of the refinancing projects of the listed banks, by participating in the rights issues and convertible bond issues of the Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the China Construction Bank and the Bank of Communications, in the refinancing deals of Shenzhen Development Bank, Huaxia Bank, Industrial Bank, China CITIC Bank and China Merchants Bank, as well as providing refinancing services to Bank of Nanjing and Bank of Ningbo. The Company completed the "H to A¡± program for Dalian Port, which was an innovative IPO deal whereby for the first time in China¡¯s securities market, the substantial shareholder at the time of IPO subscribed with assets the shares in a private placement at the price determined by the IPO, and thus enabled the holistic listing of company. In addition, the Company consolidated the leading position of its investment banking business in the strategic sectors such as financial sector, transportation sector and energy sector by completing a number of deals including Haohua Energy IPO, Yonghui Superstores IPO, the non-public issue of Datang International Power, the material assets restructuring of Guiguan Electric, the material assets restructuring of Little Swan, the private placement of Air China, the non-public issue of SUFA Technology, the non-public issue of Sinoma Science & Technology, the non-public issue of SAIC Motor, and the non-public issue of NARI Technology.

    For its excellence in business capability and performance, the Company was named the "Best Equity House¡± 2010 by Finance Asia, the "Best Investment bank¡± 2010 by Shanghai Stock Exchange, the "Most Influential Investment Bank¡±, the "Best Main Board Investment Bank¡±, the "Best IPO Investment Bank¡±, the "Best Refinancing Investment Bank¡± in China 2010 by Securities Times, the "¡±Best Local Investment Bank¡±, the "Most Respectable Investment Bank¡±, and the "Investment Bank with the Best Large Deal Capacity ¡± in 2010 by New Fortune.