Adhering to the client-oriented concept and the full-product coverage of domestic and overseas, CITICS Investment Banking Committee provides clients with comprehensive investment banking services via a specialized matrix structure.

CITICS covers a substantial and diversified client base that includes large state-owned corporates, Fortune 500 companies, listed companies and honored local clients, among which many are the leading players in sectors including finance, energy, infrastructure, real estate, equipment, manufacture, telecom, internet, media, entertainment, healthcare, consumer, etc. CITICS has delivered services and expertise to support more than 4,000 clients around the world since 2010.

Financial Institution
Energy and Chemical
Infrastructure and Real state
Equipment and Manufacture

Equity Underwriting — Undisputed Leader in Domestic Market and Increasing Influence in Global Market

Possessing International Influence

CITICS maintained a leading position in A-share equity financing:In the past 5 years, CITICS was retaining the first in terms of A-share equity underwriting size,which amounted to RMB138.4 billion with a market share of 18% in 2021H1.

CITICS ranked first in global equity underwriting size of Chinese issuers in the past 5 years: With the full-product coverage, the comprehensive service capabilities in global equity financing of Chinese issuers' will be further improved. CITICS completed HK equity projects with an underwriting amount of US$5.1 billion in 2021H1, ranking 2nd among Chinese securities.

NO.1 in A-share Equity Underwriting Size 2016-2020
RMB 100mn
No.1 in Global Equity Underwriting Size of Chinese Issuers 2016-2020
USD 100mn
NO.1 in A-share IPO Underwriting Size2010-2020
RMB 100mn
NO.1 in A-share Follow-on Offerings Underwriting Size (for cash) 2016-2020
RMB 100mn
NO.1 in A-share Convertible Bond Underwriting Size 2016-2020
RMB 100mn

Debt Underwriting — Ranking First among Peers and Becoming the Top-tiered Chinese Securities in Offshore Bond Market

CITICS maintained a leading position in domestic debt financing: CITICS ranked first among Chinese securities firms in terms of domestic debt underwriting size in the past 5 years, and the total debt underwriting size reached RMB663.8 billion with a market share of 5.3% in 2021H1.

CITICS ranked top 5 in USD bonds of Chinese issuers among Chinese securities firms: By leveraging the enhancement of the USD bond’s execution strength and sales network, the market share and ranking for Chinese issuer’s USD bond issuance has been vigorously increased. CITICS completed USD bond project of Chinese issuers with the underwriting amount of US$2.0 billion in 2021H1.

NO.1 in Domestic Debt Underwriting Size2016-2020
RMB bn
No.3 in IG USD bonds by Chinese issuers among Chinese securities firm in 2020
USD mn
NO.1 in Domestic ABS Underwriting Size2016-2020
RMB 100mn
NO.1 in Domestic Local Government Bonds Underwriting Size 2016-2020
RMB 100mn
NO.1 in Domestic Financial Bonds Underwriting Size 2016-2020
RMB 100mn

M&A—Maintaining a Leading Position in Domestic M&A Market and Continued Improving the Global Network Layout

CITICS maintained a leading position in domestic M&A market: CITICS ranked 1st in the material assets restructuring transactions in A-share market, completing a number of large M&A transactions including the restructuring of China Shenhua and China Guodian, XCMG Mixed-Ownership Reform, CMSK restructuring, acquisition of Founder Group Debt, and the market-oriented debt-to-equity swaps of CSSC. In 2021H1, the value of material assets restructuring transactions in A-share market completed by CITICS amounted to RMB18.2 billion, ranking first in the industry.

The global network layout and the capability of overseas M&A market are continuously improving: In 2021H1, CITICS ranked 2nd with a total amount of US$44.7 billion in terms of  Asia (except Japan) M&A transaction size among Chinese securities firms.

NO.1 in Domestic M&A Transaction Size2016-2020
RMB 100mn
No.2 in Asia (except Japan) M&A Transaction Size among Chinese Securities Firms in 2020
USD 100mn
Largest SOE Mixed-Ownership Reform(2020)

XCMG Mixed-Ownership Reform
Size: RMB 21.1 Billion

The largest Mixed-Ownership Reform Deal in Equipment & Manufacture field from 2017
Largest Domestic M&A Transaction

CMSK and Qianhai Investment Holding Established Joint Venture
Size: RMB 146 Billion

Largest Restructuring Of University-owned Enterprise

Assist Investors in Bidding Acquisition of Founder Group
Debt Size: RMB 235 Billion

Largest HK-Listed SOE Privatization

Privatization of Huaneng Renewables Corporation
Size: HKD 16 Billion