CITIC Securities actively implements the green operation concept and adopts a series of environmental protection measures to save energy and reduce emissions in offices and data centers to minimize the environmental impact of its operations. The Company implements green procurement and gives priority to environment-friendly products. The Company encourages employees to set up environmental protection consciousness and adheres to the philosophy of ecological civilization in an effort to promote living in harmony with nature.

It is China’s national policy to conserve resources and protect the environment. The Energy Conservation Law of the People’s Republic of China requires all units and individuals to perform energy conservation obligations in accordance with the law. The Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China emphasizes that all units and individuals have the obligation to protect the environment, and enterprises should prevent and reduce environmental pollution and ecological damage. CITIC Securities strictly abides by these laws and regulations, and continuously promotes and improves green operations, environmental protection and other related measures to ensure the effective implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction work.
(I) Green Operation

The Company actively adopts green office measures and continues to implement energy-saving plans through saving electricity consumption for lighting, banning installing or changing electric wire without permission, setting air conditioners in public space to a proper temperature, saving water in toilets, encouraging paperless office, etc. By replacement of traditional illumination with LED lightings, the power consumption and heat emission of office illumination were reduced, and hazardous waste, such as fluorescent lamps were also reduced. In 2020, the Company upgraded its access control system with new face identification panel machines to reduce the consumption of temporary visitor cards and then avoid waste generation. The Company reasonably adjusts the heating water temperature according to the indoor and outdoor temperature, and the energy consumption of headquarters building during the heating season in 2020 decreased by 1,148 GJ compared to the same period in 2019.

The Company actively responds to the national call on water conservation, and makes water-saving plans according to the actual operation and puts them into practice. In order to achieve the goal of saving water, we renovated the water purification system in Beijing headquarters building for wastewater recycling, where the filtered wastewater from the main unit is collected into an underground water tank through new pipelines for further reuse. In 2020, the water consumption in Beijing Office of CITIC Securities Headquarters reduced by 12,000 tons compared to 2019.

The total usable area of the Company’s Beijing data center is about 3,000 square meters, and the construction standard is Tier 4, which has reached the first-class level in China and the leading level in the industry. It has won many highest awards in data center design and construction in China.

CITIC Securities International is committed to reducing effects on environment and became one of the first financial companies in Asia to obtain ISO14001 certification in 2007. CITIC Securities International has established an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with ISO14001, under which, CITIC Securities International reduces the use of natural resources such as materials, energy and water, pays attention to indoor air quality, and takes active actions to reduce carbon emissions.

(II) Green Procurement

The Company attaches importance to green procurement, actively implements environmental protection requirements during the selection process of the Company’s suppliers and contractors, and proposes environmental protection requirements for the purchased products and construction environment from material selection, furniture selection, and construction management:

  • Material selection

    Selecting qualified materials that meet national environmental protection standards, providing relevant reports on environmental testing, and strictly managing the

  • Furniture selection

    Choosing qualified products that meet national environmental protection standards, and follows high environmental protection standards in the industry especially for

  • Construction management

    Construction procedures that produce pollutants are scheduled for weekends and holidays, and are moved outside the building. Newly renovated floors will only be

(III) Strengthening Environmental Protection Consciousness

Many places put forward higher policy requirements for waste sorting. In 2020, the Company launched campaigns of waste sorting and recycling, such as replacement with sorting bins and bags, posting related marks and labels, setting up bulletin board for “Waste Sorting”, and launching the Q&A campaign themed as “Leading in Waste Sorting, Green Life Accompanies Us” through internal OA system, in order to enhance employees’ environmental consciousness and advocate a eco-friendly way of life. The office building in Beijing has achieved 100% waste sorting.

CITIC Securities International formulates environmental policies, takes various initiatives, actively participates in major events such as the Earth Hour and the World Earth Day, and organizes employees to participate in environment-related community activities such as tree planting and beach cleaning programs.